Equus 6244 Oil Pressure Gauge – Black

In general, Oil Pressure Gauge helps to monitor the vehicle’s oil pressure and level to guarantee the bearings and crankshaft and other engine parts regulating properly or require any maintenance. With this Equus 6244 Oil Pressure Gauge, one can do more than that of the common features. This type of Oil Pressure Gauge helps the owner and driver to indicate the incorrect oil pressure, low oil level, defective oil pump, restricted oil lines, blocks in the oil pipelines, clogged oil filter and other alerting symptoms.

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  • This Equus 6244 Oil Pressure Gauge sweeps for about 90 degrees with smooth movement
  • The oil pressure Gauge indicates PSI levels of 0 to 100
  • It has black color dial with white numbers and red color illuminated pointer needle for easy reading both in day and night drive
  • This white bezel and black dial measures 2 1/16 inches in diameter
  • It has greater Air Core Movement that warns the indications not approximately but accurately
  • The execution of this particular Equus 6244 Oil Pressure Gauge works behind the principle of Boudon Tube Meter Movement
  • One will get standard guide for installation and for how-know knowledge for operating the Gauge


  • The back-lit illumination helps greatly for night driving to check out the reading accurately
  • The Gauge allows easy installation with simple three wires methodology
  • There is lifetime free technical support


  • The warrant and/or guarantee time is set as approximately for about 6 months. However, the product purchase package comprises the exact tenure.

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Bottom line

The engineering design of the Equus 6244 Oil Pressure Gauge is set to display exact readings even at harsh conditions and it indicates the levels of not only the fuel level oil but also the oil level that circulate throughout the engine parts.

Equus 6244 Oil Pressure Gauge – Black

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