E Support Car 2″ 52mm Oil Press Gauge

Unlike other commonly available Oil Press Gauge meters in the market, this model of E Support Car Oil press Gauge works indeed awesome that sets apart itself different and unique. For the regular observation of oil level and pressure, clogging, blockages in the engine oil circulation to ensure perfect lubrication, this E Support Car Oil Press Gauge executes significantly.

E Support Car 2″ 52mm Oil Press Gauge

In addition, unlike other Press Gauges, this particular model requires professional installation wherein the pack comes with a user manual in native English. The standard guide tells a detailed ‘how to’ on proper installation. This analog oil press gauge works on the technology called stepper-motor for needle’s smooth movement, therefore, there will be no complication to read out the measurement. The device requires the power of 12 Volt DC (10-15 V) professionally.


  1. The press Gauge has Smoke Tint Lens in which it works indeed awesome to have clear reading during the day and the nigh drive gets support to read with ultra-bright red LED display
  2. The dial appears in stylish black with white display and LED illuminated redpointing needle


  1. It weighs very less and occupies compact space
  2. A kit of complete and detailed user manual for installation


  • Though the installation is quite easy, it is highly recommended to have proper and professional installation; hence, an expert is obviously required to do it so.
  • The space to mount the device must be plane and smooth ground

Bottom line

This type of oil press gauge provides high quality and race look & feel. The pack comes with one Oil Press Gauge, Oil Press Sensor, and standard guide.

E Support Car 2″ 52mm Oil Press Gauge

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