Black & Blue MaxTow Oil Pressure Gauge

MaxTow Oil Pressure Gauge is an electronically driven gauge that indicates truck’s oil pressure level from 0 to 100 PSI and helps the driver/owner to monitor the truck engine’s oil pressure guaranteeing the bearings, crankshaft, and the other important parts of the vehicle execute smoothly. As an indicator, MaxTow Oil Pressure Gauge supports its help in a greater way to the trucks.

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This particular piece of Black & Blue MaxTow Oil Pressure Gauge has dual displays that is an analog reader with an illuminating red needle and an easy digital display, in which both are much easy to read out with it ultra-bright blue LED light.

  • Dual Dimming Modes

This MaxTow pressure Gauge has dual types of dimming modes with three customizable setting for each mode. The feature allows multiple dimming modes to set the driver’s performance while on road both on daytime and nighttime. It has one another added feature – ‘brightness recall function’ in which the device automatically remembers the previous brightness (on either daytime or nighttime mode that is get fixed) which is enabled previous time so that there is no need to fix/reset it every time.

  • Needle Movement
Black & Blue MaxTow Oil Pressure Gauge

The Gauge is driven by a technology called ‘Stepper Motor’ with its 2 1/3 inches (52 mm) needle movement, which allows for ultra-smooth movement by keep updating the person with the changing engine statistics.

  • Easy Installation

This MaxTow Oil Pressure Gauge has 1/8-27 NPT electronic pressure sensor in which it can adapt itself to get fixed to the engine block, oil cooler or can attach to a ‘t-fitting’ on any oil line very easily. It has extended wire harness for both power (3’) and oil pressure sensor (9’) connections that allow the device for easy and quick installation.


  1. Lifetime free technical support
  2. Standard complete guide and installation instructions


  1. The warranty period is limited to 1 year

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Bottom line

As most of the people works on road wherein trucks take place in important place, pressure gauges such as MaxTow helps indeed for the operational and maintenance modes.

Black & Blue MaxTow Oil Pressure Gauge

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